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About us


      At Intrepid Oceans Marine we feel that business should be conducted on a personal level with respect and trust. By meeting the needs of our clients and continuously going beyond the expectations of those we work with we have proven time and again that we are a strong and reliable partner in the industry. With over 100 years combined experience we've learned a thing or two about the marine fuel business.

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     At Intrepid Oceans Marine we pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships. By utilizing partnerships and connections across the world we are able to assist our clients in any port of call any time they need us with any product that is available.

    We are always expanding and adapting in order to provide our clients with the perfect marine fuel management solutions in an ever changing market.

Due to time difference around the world we make ourselves available 24 hours.

Feel freel to contact us any time at 561-596-3748

Our business

Military Contracting


     With our partnering company Independent Marine Oil Services, IOM has handled and continues to handle numerous DLA and Coast Guard contracts around the world. By bringing the same rules and regulations to the yacht industry that we do for the US Gov., we are able to ensure the best products with no substitutions. We hold ourselves to the same standards regardless if it's a 500 gallons order or 500k gallons.

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